Violent rapper Dahcell Ramos who attacked a man with a hammer in a pub has sentence reduced


A violent drill-rapping thug who attacked a pub-goer with a hammer during a wild brawl in a pokie room could walk free from jail a year early after successfully appealing his sentence.

Dahcell ‘Celly’ Ramos, 22, a former member of western Sydney drill group OneFour, was sentenced in late 2019 to a minimum of six years jail over the violent attack.

In July 2018, he and two other members of the group took part in the brawl at the Carousel Inn in the western Sydney suburb of Rooty Hill.

Ramos smashed a random man in the head with a hammer and then stomped on him during the savage melee.

The then 19-year-old left his victim unconscious, lying in a pool of blood.

Ramos appealed against the ‘manifestly excessive’ sentence – which holds a maximum ten years behind bars – to three NSW Supreme Court justices by videolink from prison on Monday.

His lawyer had told the court that Ramos’ sentence had been ‘infected by error’ and should have been shorter than those of his co-offenders because he had ‘shown remorse’.

Ramos had also been serving a five-year sentence for armed robbery simultaneously.

On Wednesday, the 22-year-old had both sentences quashed by the Court of Appeal.

He was given a new aggregate jail term of eight years with a non-parole period of four years and nine months.

His sentence was backdated to September, 2018, from when he was taken into custody meaning he could be released as early as June, 2023.

Dahcell ‘Celly’ Ramos was jailed after he beat a man with a hammer and then stomped on his head.

Ramos smashed a random man in the head with a hammer and then stomped on him during the savage melee

The victim who Ramos bashed ‘can’t remember a thing’ from the night he was repeatedly bludgeoned in the head.

Court facts describe in chilling detail the rappers and their friends’ attack.

The documents reveal how the pub’s owner desperately tried to intervene, warning the thugs: ‘You’re on CCTV. We have hundreds of cameras here.

‘Whatever you’re thinking of doing, you don’t want to do it here.’

Shocking attack: Dahcell ‘Celly’ Ramos – an on-again, off-again member of OneFour – attacks a man with a hammer during the brawl at the Carousel Inn in Rooty Hill, NSW.

The drill rap group from Mount Druitt, OneFour, has two of its main members – Lekks (left) and YP (second from left) behind bars over a brutal pub bashing in July 2018. The rest of the group’s four official members, Spenny (third) and J-Emz, were not involved

The documents said after the fight eased off, the owner told the attackers ‘police have been called!’ – and was promptly knocked out.

He was smacked in the right side of the face with a timber chair leg by Ramos.

Along with Ramos, other OneFour members Salec ‘Lekks’ and Pio ‘YP’ Misa are all serving jail terms for the shocking melee.

But it’s cold comfort for the brawl’s main target.

The victim suffered skull, nasal, septum, sinus wall and eye socket fractures, lacerations to his cheek, eyebrow and eyelid and ‘significant’ facial swelling. Both of his ears were wounded – from his earrings being tugged from his ears, court documents said.

His friend, Anthony, was not as badly injured.

Troy had been recovering well until the recent spate of publicity, a source said.

‘He was in a good place. But all of this has really stirred s**t up again.

‘We didn’t know it was coming out in the media.’

The man only recently had the wrenching experience of reliving the whole night by watching the evening’s CCTV footage.

OneFour has been described by GQ as ‘The Western Sydney Rap Group Taking Over Hip Hop’ . Their ‘drill’ music is a sub-genre of hip hop and lyrics often focus on gang life, guns and drugs

How the brutal night unfolded
The three OneFour members involved in the crime had been at a house party before deciding to kick on to the pub just before midnight.

Lekks – who would be described as the instigator of the brutal attack – had been drinking heavily.

About the same time, the two victims, Troy and his best friend Anthony, were at the poker machines in the outdoor gaming room, sitting next to one another.

An agreed statement of facts, tendered during Lekks’ court case, explains what happened next:


  • Non-displaced fracture to the right side of the skull near the temple
  • Fractures to both sides of the nasal bone
  • A displaced nasal septum fracture
  • Two right sinus wall fractures
  • Fractures to the floor and lateral wall of the right eye socket
  • A laceration to his cheek and lip that breached the dermis and epidermis
  • A 5cm laceration to his right eyebrow
  • A 4cm laceration to his right eyelid
  • Significant swelling to the face, particularly around the right eye
  • A wound on both ears as a result of earrings being pulled from his ears

12:59AM: Lekks enters the room in a black hooded jumper.

He walks to a poker machine and says hello to another player.

Then he wanders back out to the carpark.

1AM: Security guards tell Lekks and his rowdy group to keep it down.

Lekks then re-enters the pub, returns to the poker machine next to Troy, and stands behind it.

Troy asks: ‘Why are you looking at my f***ing machine?’

Lekks fires up and gets ‘aggressive’.

The security guard explains to Troy: ‘He’s just watching his friend play.’

But they continue to argue and Lekks is asked to leave.

1:05AM ONWARDS: Lekks slams a gate on the way out.

He continues to ‘yell and gesture’ at the victims.

‘Come outside, we’ll fight! Come out,’ he says.

Both victims get up from their seats.

Five of Lekks’ friends – including YP and Celly – run over.

Pio ‘YP’ Misa was the first of the group to throw a punch – or, rather, a chair leg

One asks ‘what happened?’

Lekks and his mates then try and enter the gaming area but are blocked by security.

Celly, YP, Lekks and a friend, Timothy Willett, try and burst into the gaming room through another door.

Security try and intercept them.

But at the same time, two more of their friends, Jimmy Vaafusuaga and ‘Lausii’ manage to get in through the unguarded entrance.

Lekks shouts at the men and challenges them to a fight.

Three security guards try and get in between him and the victims and successfully hold him back.

But Lekks’s rap group mates, YP and Celly, attack.

YP pulls a timber leg from inside his clothes and then smacks Anthony over the head with it twice.

Above, CCTV captures the moment he strikes one of the two of the two victims, Anthony, with a chair leg

Anthony backs away, but YP follows and hits him a third time.

Then Celly pulls a hammer from his jacket and smashes Troy in the head several times.

Their friend Vaafusuaga punches the victim in the head.

Celly then stomps on Troy’s head ‘multiple times’.

Celly raises his hammer to attack again but is pulled away.

Their friend Timothy Willett punches the second victim, Anthony, in the head.

Troy is left sprawled on the ground and the fight seemingly ends.

Sua picks up Troy’s head by the hair and shakes it.

Assault: Lekks, one of the most prominent members of the rap group, picks up the man’s head by the hair and shakes it.

‘Lekks’, or Salec Sua, never steps out in public without covering his face – unless he’s at the pub, above

1:08AM: A pub employee calls the police.

1:12AM: Police arrive.

The group leave and run away.

Lekks jumps in a waiting gold Ford sedan with a woman.

But they don’t get far with police turning their sirens on.

Lekks is arrested.

The rest of the group are rounded up over the following hours.

They are taken to Riverstone Police Station and all decline police interviews.

Back on tour but missing members: What happened next
Lekks was jailed for at least four-and-a-half years, Celly – the hammer attacker – for a decade, and YP for four for their roles in the bashing.

At Lekks’ sentencing, Judge James Bennett said it was ‘tragic’ what had unfolded and that the rapper had ‘great potential’.

The court was told: ‘They [the rap group] have the capacity to succeed if they remove themselves from any temptations the street has to offer’.

(Neither of the other key members of OneFour – nicknamed Spenny and J-Emz – were involved in the incident.)

The rap group has since travelled to Auckland on tour, but J-Emz was refused entry into the country. Lekks’ little brother has reportedly filled in his role.

OneFour claim their Australian events have come under pressure to be pulled by police, a claim denied by the NSW Police Force.

OneFour’s music videos sometimes come with a disclaimer – ‘the lyrics and characters of this song are all fictional’, and shouldn’t be taken literally.

But their lyrics have caught the attention of NSW police and reportedly even been referred to in court.

The ABC reported that a bail hearing for YP in November included a line referencing the murder of a 21 District member.

The lyrics, in one of their more recent songs, The Message, go: ’21 what, one got knocked, hah! I guess that makes them 20′.

The song also includes a line about swinging a hammer – and being ‘remanded on that lockdown.’

‘Get down when I grip that steel, hands up when I bring that hammer,’ the song goes.